The agency oriented to clients.

We specialized in new projects, sales, rental, purchase and management of new real estate operations. Ensuring a wide range of choices for our clients.
Our guideline consists of recommending high-profile units and housing complexes selected and built thanks to excellent technical skills and to an efficient network of professionals in the field.

My name is Francesco Ghelfa

We specialized in new projects, sales, rental, purchase and management of new real estate operations. Ensuring a wide range of choices for our clients. Mainly in Ticino and in Grisons.

We present ourselves as the only representatives in all activities related to the real estate business.

We deal exclusively with every need for sale, purchase and rent.



REEVOLUTION REAL ESTATE AG guides its clients throughout the sale process and the selection of venues and houses. Our experience and strong background guarantee high-profile consultations and the utmost professionalism for any kind of real estate operation.

  • Building inspection and evaluation, documents’ analysis, mandate subscription
  • Photo operations and marketing set up
  • Buyers’ selection and consultation
  • Real estate research and selection
  • Negotiation and business/legal agreements management
  • Notarial procedure’s coordination and post-sale services


REEVOLUTION REAL ESTATE AG takes care of managing, renting and selection of future tenants:

  • Researching interesting items
  • Ad publication
  • Venue inspection
  • Tenant’s solvency verification
  • Contract drafting
  • Location guarantee’s account management
  • Item delivery and collection


    REEVOLUTION REAL ESTATE AG decides upon properties’ right prices, so that we always reach an agreement between demand and supply, thus guaranteeing a fast conclusion to the purchasing process. Thanks to an exclusive collaboration with one of the top real estate evaluation offices in Switzerland, we are able to provide any kind of evaluation, complying with the Swiss standard criteria ISO 17024 and according to individual clients’ needs. Evaluation reports are available in Italian, French, German and English.

    • Commercial value
    • Locative value
    • Sale value
    • Buildability
    • Items’ economic and functional evaluation
    • Financial and technical consultation


      Through its real estate administration service, REEVOLUTION REAL ESTATE AG handles real estate property management, from single living units to big housing complexes, on behalf of the owners. Investment’s profit and value conservation are guaranteed by a professional management department, which takes care of every aspect involved: setting up a management recurring report, rent, balance or down payments collection, suppliers’ supervision and payment, contract formality compliance, insurance, owners’ administrative and fiscal fulfillments.

      • Administration of properties
      • Property management
      • Financial and technical consultation


        REEVOLUTION REAL ESTATE AG offers a customized service to take care of:

        • Authority registration
        • Housing services (electricity, TV, phone, internet connection)
        • Opening banking reports
        • Mortgage financing
        • Fiscal optimization
        • Insurance contracts
        • Driving license conversion
        • Interior architect

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